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Trade Network

8ballstore.com Trade Network

The 8ballstore.com Trade Network is a project we have developed to offer fellow organisations the opportunity to be part of a nationwide pool network.

To summarise, we have developed an online system whereby pool, snooker and billiards organisations (clubs, companies, traders, etc.) can benefit from discount prices on all of our products. We have developed an online system to enable organisations to benefit from discount prices across our entire product range.

The system works in three easy steps:

  1. Once you register with us at the homepage, we amend our system to allow you privileged access to our online trade catalogue. Please note that on your first visit you'll only see the RRP but once you have joined the trade network you'll see the discounted price.
  2. If you have just joined 8ballstore.com you have just seen first hand how easy it was to register...well the trade users catalogue works in exactly the same way!
  3. You complete your order with us in the same way as a cretail customer through our secure online system.
  4. Once you have placed your order, as always, we endeavor to dispatch your goods within 24 hrs.
  5. If a custom cue is ordered we advise you of the lead time within 24-48 hrs so that you can pass on details to your customer.
  6. 8ballstore.com can send orders either to the trader or directly to the customer.

The best things about our hassle free system are as follows:

  1. It's free to use and anyone can become a partner, such as a sole trader or general salesperson.
  2. There are no obligations as to the amount of times you use us. Once you've joined the trade network, you can use your account as you please. Our system treats you just like any normal customer with the exception of your privelaged access to discount prices.
  3. As we're sure you've seen, 8ballstore.com is a one-stop-shop offering you the complete range of snooker, billiards and pool cues, cases and accessories. We attempt to constantly add new products to the store - if there is something we don't have advertised, it's only because it's not a commonly ordered product so let us know and we'll supply it for you. 
  4. It saves you from waiting around for your sales rep to visit - if you need something, you pop-over to 8ballstore.com, make your purchase and it could arrive the next day.
  5. In our ten years of trading we have negotiated the best prices with our suppliers.

If you do not run a club or organisation, then you can still benefit by adding our link to your personal emails or homepages. Alternatively, we encourage you to pass these details on to someone you know who does run a pool or snooker organisation. Not only will they benefit from fantastic trade discounts, but we'll give you a 50 pounds Maximumbreak gift voucher/25% off your next order!!! Just contact us with the your details.