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Affiliate Program

Affiliate Scheme (...Money in your pocket with a high % payout).

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to our new affiliate program. As an affiliate of "8ballstore.com", you will enjoy the benefits of partnering with a recognised leader in online cuesports through this exciting and innovative program.

Simply go to our affiliate signup page and register yourself to get started. From here, you can access links to drive commissions on all new membership sales referred from your website or mailing list! You can also access important information about the affiliate program, including commissions, stats and credit in your affiliate account.

Here's how it works...

You will credited for each and every visitor that follows a link to us from your site and proceeds to buy a product from us. It really is that easy, especially so, because our cookies don't expire after a few days - these are long running cookies meaning that even if your visitor didn't purchase a product on their first visit, the cookie will remain active until they do decide to buy from us, which means you will still be credited with a payment.

We're sure you agree with us that this is a great offer, which will bring you fantastic returns in the form of commission earnings.

Using the "Affiliate Links and Banners" feature, you can easily copy and paste the customised coded links into your own site. Of course, we will always have a selection of standard, promotional, and seasonal links available for you to use. Once you've integrated Maximumbreak.com banners or links into your site, email etc, you'll be on your way to earning commissions on every online purchase made by visitors you refer, yielding commissions for every store purchase.

Each time you refer a paying customer you will be emailed with the information alerting you to each sale and credit to your affiliate account once your visitor has made a purchase with us. 

If you don't have a website you can still take advantage of our affiliate scheme by linking to the site through your email lists, blogs, forum posts or by placing a text link into your personal email. This way everyone can take advantage of this exciting and innovative program and get a reward for sending visitors to 8ballstore.com