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Cue Towels

Our Excellent selection of Cue Towels. Perfect for cleaning your cue. The perfect gift?

  • Cue Craft Towel
    $6.35 Cue Craft Towel
    High quality towel with the cue craft logo. A must for all snooker and pool players.

  • Geordie Pool Cue Towel
    $7.93 Geordie Pool Cue Towel
    Plain Black 100% Cotton Cue Towel with Geordie Pool Logo.

  • Peradon Cue Towel
    $7.93 Peradon Cue Towel
    Peradon cue towel made from 100% cotton, and with the stylish peradon logo facing at 45 degrees on each end. Please wash 3 times before adding it to other items in the wash to avoid colours running into other garments.

  • Superleague Cue Towel
    $7.93 Superleague Cue Towel
    Green and Yellow Superleague Cue Towel with clip attatchment.